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FAQs – Miixes


MQ1. Can miixes have more than one trigger?

MA1: No. Miixes can only have one trigger. For multiple triggers, you can create multiple miixes..

MQ2. After creating a miix, will it stay active until it’s deleted?

MA2: No. You can deactivate a miix without having to delete it. When a miix is deactivated, it will not be executed until it is reactivated. To deactivate a miix, click “My Miixes” on the top menu and select a miix. There is a toggle switch on the bottom right of the miix card for activating and deactivating the miix

MQ3. I want to use an app, but it’s not listed under All Apps. What can I do?

MA3: Check our blog for news about planned app additions to Qmiix. If the app you want isn’t listed, you can try contacting the app developers and request that they become a Qmiix partner.

MQ4. Do I always have to create new miixes, or are there pre-made miixes I can use?

MA4: Qmiix provides pre-made miixes for your convenience. You can search for the the type of miix you want or check the list published miixes. If you can’t find the miix you want, then you can create it from scratch.

MQ5. How can I make sure that my miixes are working properly?

MA5: You can check the execution details of your miixes. First, click “My Miixes” on the top menu and select a miix. Then, click a setting for the miix and then click “View Execution History”.

MQ6. Can I create new triggers and actions?

MA6: No. Triggers and actions are defined by the app’s owners and only they can change or add triggers and actions.

MQ7. How many miixes can I create?

MA7: There is no limit to the number of miixes you can create.

MQ8. Can I create a miix that includes a trigger and action for the same app?

MA8: Yes, you can set a trigger and action for the same app in a single miix.

MQ9. What are advanced miixes?

MA9: Advanced miixes are miixes with one trigger and up to five actions. Advanced miixes also require you to set conditions for these actions – AND and OR. For details, go to

MQ10. I can’t find the particular miix that I’m looking for. What can I do?

MA10: If you’re having trouble finding a specific miix, you can try using different keywords when searching. If you still can’t find it, then you can consider creating a new miix.