Q: How to become a Partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner of Qmiix all you need to do is to go to the bottom of your home page, find the Partner section and click on “Click here” button near the “Want to become a partner with us”. It will redirect you to the Partner portal where you can sign in and apply for partnership. After you signed in to the Partner Portal you will see “Become a partner” button at your home page. You can input your information and click “Submit” button after. You will see a pop-up message that your application was submitted successfully.

Q: What is Hello world / default app?

A new partner would have hello world channel by default once his request for becoming a partner is approved. You can also create Hello World App using “Hello World” button in the “Create your first app with Qmiix” page.

Q: what is Partner App API?

Designate an API URL prefix for all of your API endpoints in your app configuration.

Q: What is Public Management App?

Qmiix provides sets of public management API for partner app. These APIs are public accessible to partner apps with rate limit.

Q: How to create your first app with Qmiix?

You can navigate to “Create Your First App with Qmiix” page and create a new app. Fill 'App Name' and 'App ID' to create a new app and fill many other details later by selecting the app from 'My Apps' page.

Qmiix provides a testing tool which you will be using to build your endpoints. The first endpoint you will be building is /status, which will help you to verify whether Qmiix can reach your app.

Build the Link endpoint. When it's ready, navigate to 'Endpoint Tests' under 'API Management' and run the endpoint tests. You willl see a passing status spec which indicates that Qmiix was able to reach your app successfully.